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ARP Networks to Launch New Data Center in Frankfurt, Germany

ARP Networks, Inc., a VPS, dedicated server, and data center services provider for individuals looking to establish enterprise class infrastructure, this week announced they will be officially opening a data center in Frankfurt, Germany for increased business reach. Founded in 1999, ARP Networks is a small team with a passion for servers and data centers.

“With almost two decades in operation, we wanted to take the next step and set up a new data center in the heart of Germany,” said Garry Dolley, Co-Founder and Owner of ARP Networks, Inc. “We’re almost finished and ready to officially launch this new location for increased access to our services and infrastructure capabilities.”

ARP Networks, Inc. sets itself apart from the competition by gladly supporting FreeBSD and OpenBSD, often regarded as second class citizens. In addition, native IPv6 has been supported for 8 years and included with all services. Lastly, they run their own network, which is fully multi-path redundant with over 70 directly connected peers.

“We work hard to ensure our services are built with redundancy and high availability in mind,” said Dolley. “Our servers have redundant power supplies feeding into separate PDUs and each server has at least 2 separate network paths. Spread the word on our new data center location and invest in quality enterprise class infrastructure with our services today.”

ARP Networks, Inc. offers BGP sessions with a full routing table and unmetered inter-VPS communication within each accounts’ private VLAN.

Every ARP Networks employee has more than a decade of experience running mission-critical servers. The company ensures monthly billing and permits clients to cancel at any time with no repercussions.

Having provided data center services for 15 years and counting, there are no contracts and a 30-day money back guarantee is provided.

For more information, or to get started with their data center infrastructure today, visit: ARP Networks, Inc. Homepage.